The Curious Case of Tiger Woods

It has been some time now since Tiger Woods, one of the greatest and many would say the greatest golfer of all time, has come back to playing golf after his whole cheating scandal he had that completely tarnished his career at the time. He lost his sponsors, respect, and for some time he lost the game as a whole. When Tiger came back many fans, analysts, and even regular people debated on if Woods would come back with form again and crush and dominate the competition as he did before or would he be lost on the course and never win again. I can freely admit that I believe that tiger would never win another tournament, I believed that since he was older now and that he was pretty rusty coming into the first couple of tournaments he played in I firmly believed that he would never be the same again. Of course I was wrong because he has won a few tournaments but no majors yet at this time but he seems to be back on the groove.

U.S. Open - Final Round                                                                                                             tiger-woods-11d08e2291abbc02

But nowadays Tiger is very inconsistent and also frustrating to watch and even predict how well he is going to do in each tournament. Tiger in one tournament does very well and finishes in the top 5 and or actually wins the tournament making it seem that he is back and is on a roll. But recently he has been faltering. Throughout his return Tiger has made a lot of changes in his life, by getting a new caddy and getting a new golf swing coach to basically try something new and get a new approach to the game as a sort of rebirth to Tiger’s philosophy in golf as he realizes that he is older now, the competition is a lot stronger, and he isn’t the best player in the world no more.


Recently Tiger’s game has been staggering although he was ranked 2nd in the world he has been having a bit of bad luck recently. He has missed the cut a few times meaning that he didn’t get to advanced to the final rounds of each tournament. He also was ranked number one seed in a head to head tournament between professional golf players. Tiger lost in the first round to a 16th seed being the first time Tiger ever lost as a first seed to a 16th seed in that particular tournament. Even more recent this past weekend Tiger made it to the final round but played absolutely horribly by hitting even in the first couple of rounds which is very mediocre for Tigers standards and also in the final round hit two double bogeys and didn’t even finish in the top 20. Now there was wind conditions that may or may not of effected his shot but it still was concerning on how average and sometimes poor he was playing.

tiger_woods_pga_tour_06_psp                                                                                                       YE US Open Golf

But Tiger still has time to get back on track as he is still young enough to succeed and he has a chance to win his first major coming back as the Masters are coming up which is arguably the Super Bowl in the golfing world. If Woods can will himself to win this he would be essentially back to form and ready to win more. But we all are going to have to wait and see if this curious case of Mr. Tiger Woods ends in fame and fortune and becoming the best golfer and history or will it end in disappointment and failure as one of the greatest golfers could not finish his already historic career with a bang and to set in stone his legacy. We all have to wait and see if there is still greatness left in the “Chosen One”.

tiger-woods-golf                                                                                                                                  tiger_woods_masters
Bryce Chantler


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